Top Tips for Decorating your Wedding Venue

September 27, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Venue Styling

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Whether you have hired a barn or a marquee, or you are having your wedding at a hotel, you will need to decorate your venue to match your style and your wedding theme. Here are some top tips to help you create the stunning wedding you want.


Create Key Areas

Sometimes its easy to be overwhelmed by a large blank space so consider breaking your venue space into key zones – your dining area; bar and casual seating; cake table or cake display area; or maybe you have a photobooth set up. Once you have your key areas, it will be much easier to consider your decorating options.

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Think about the colour scheme you want to have and how it fits with your venue. Does your venue have a brightly patterned carpet – you may need to tone down your other decorations. Try to avoid clashing with the venue décor, as this will be the background to your wedding photos. Maybe you want to give off a chilled out vibe and have more subtle colours; or you have a strong colour theme you want throughout your wedding.



Lighting can add atmosphere to you wedding – do you want it bright and bold or subtle and soft? Different lighting can help create an illusion of space. It can also have an effect on photography and videography. Maybe there is the option of flexible lighting meaning you can change the look and feel for different parts of the event.

Look Up!!

Don’t forget to look up in your venue. If it’s a barn or marquee it may have a very high ceiling – use this space to create atmosphere using lighting or other decorations. You can use uplighters to add mood lighting; fairy lights for that fairytale effect; coloured paper lanterns for a subtle splash of colour; chandeliers for a luxury feel; or flower decorations for a more rustic feel. You can also add bunting for a lovely summer feel.


Seating is something you need to think about. Do you want a minimalist look? Do you want to add flowers for a rustic country feel? Or maybe some gold bows for glamour? Even if you are having a standing cocktail reception, there should be a seating area of some sort.


Most weddings will have flowers. If you have a colour theme, then you can chose flowers of that colour. If you are having a rustic country wedding, then chose more foliage and branches.   You can use the same flower décor on your tables – in a vase or glass jar or tall stand.


Table Displays

Although table displays are traditionally flowers, you could go for something different like candles or a light display. Or maybe you have a superhero theme and want to put superhero figures in the centre. Think about your theme and what suits you and your venue best.



Help point your guests towards to toilets, the outdoor games area or bar. It can be as simple as handwritten signs on wood or a chalk board.

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There are of course other areas you could consider – such as tablecloths, a games area, hanging curtains and drapes, and adding props. Whatever your theme, you will find the décor you need out there somewhere.


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