Involve your Groom in your Wedding Planning

July 10, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Wedding Planning

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How do you involve your groom in your wedding planning?

No two relationships are the same, and no two weddings are the same. When it comes to wedding planning, some couples are both very much involved in the planning , and sometimes the groom lets the bride take the reigns.

For the groom, finding the right ring and planning how to propose is often the extent of their involvement in the wedding (other than maybe the budget!!).

But here are 5 ways to involve your significant other in your wedding planning:


1. Put him in a charge of one job

Okay, it can be more than one job but don’t include him in everything. Your groom probably won’t be interested in table linen or dress designs!! Put him in charge of something he will enjoy planning or choosing – cake tasting is a great idea for your groom. He may not be in interested in the design or colour scheme but he will be interested in the flavours and taste. Or maybe your groom is passionate about food and could pick out some of the menu – does he have a favourite snack or dessert that could be served? Consider putting him in charge of the bar – he can decide what’s needed at the bar, and maybe even come up with some signature cocktails.

2. Let him manage his groomsmen

As much as possible stay out of this aspect of the wedding. Shopping for attire, the groomsmen gifts, their lodging, etc. should all be left up to your groom. Obviously make sure their attire is in line with the vibe of your big day – you don’t want the groomsmen showing up in tuxedos to your casual beach wedding!

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3. Give him choices

If you really can’t make a decision on something, ask for his opinion. Narrow down your top picks for, say, the wedding theme or location and ask for his opinion. It’s much easier to get him to voice an opinion if he has options!


4. Put him in charge of the honeymoon.

Let your groom take the lead on travel, hotels, restaurants, picking activities and more. He’ll have a great time planning the vacation of a lifetime! And you can focus your energy on the big day.

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5. In general, play to your fiancé’s strengths.

Is he a great organiser? The have him help out with the seating chart. Does he have fantastic penmanship? He can lend a hand to addressing the invites and writing thank-you notes. Does he live music? Put him in charge of finding the DJ or band. Just be sure to involve him in some way with the planning process. You’re going to need all the help you can get!


And don’t forget to sometimes ban wedding chat… Set aside time to chat about something other than the wedding. It will be a nice break and a little reminder of why you’re marrying that wonderful person in the first place.

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