How to Choose Your Bridesmaids

November 28, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Wedding Planning

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How are you going to Choose your Bridesmaids?


Now that you’re engaged, you need to decide how to choose your bridesmaids. Choosing your bridal party is no easy task!  Between siblings, school and college/university friends, cousins, your fiancé’s family and other significant leading ladies, there’s only room for a few of them in the bridal party. So what do you do?

Having searched around for the perfect mathematical equation, we found this handy points system for helping brides choose their bridesmaids on Glamour.

Even if it doesn’t help you choose your entire bridal party, it might help you make much-needed cuts to your list of potential bridesmaids. So let’s get started. Here’s how to choose your bridesmaids…


You are siblings: +10 points

She and your fiancé are siblings: +4 points.

(As a general rule, you should try to include his sister unless he asks you not to.)


You’ve been BFFs forever: +1 point for every five years you’ve been close.

You’re BFFs now:+2 points. Add five if she was the first person you called after saying yes.

She was a bridezilla at her own wedding: -3 points

Being around her just makes you happy, plain and simple: +5 points

You’d trust her opinion in any dressing room: +1 point

You were a bridesmaid at her wedding: +2 points. Unless the statute of limitations—five years—is up. Then there’s no obligation.

And the winners are…

1 to 6 points: Someone has to do the readings, right?

7 to 14 points: Makes the cut!

15+ points: By a landslide. Maid of honour?


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