5 Reasons To Have A Magician On Your Wedding Day

October 28, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Entertainment,Wedding Planning

Wedding Magician - Weddings in Sussex

5 Reasons To Have A Magician On Your Wedding Day


1. Breaks The Ice

Weddings can be a nightmare for guests who don’t know each other or are struggling to get acquainted with the people they have been sat next to. Sparing a thought for these lost souls can go a long way, and magic is certainly one way to get people talking.

Once your guests see the impossible happen right in front of their eyes, they will be itching to discuss what just happened with each other! Bring your guests together and your day will have been responsible for creating new groups of friends.

Magician at Wedding - Weddings in Sussex



2. Fills The Gaps In Your Day

Every wedding is going to have lulls, it’s pretty much inevitable but that doesn’t mean that your wedding downtime has to drag. Turning these quiet parts of the day into some of the most memorable parts is what will separate your wedding from the rest.

Adding a magician  to look after your guests is a great idea here. If you leave your party up to their own devices with no entertainment, they will get bored and fidgety very quickly! Provide some mind bending magic however and you’ll be on to a winner.

Wedding Magician - Weddings in Sussex



3. Amazing Atmosphere

Magic very quickly creates that feel good vibe and amazement among your guests. Whether you are the one being fooled or are just watching the magic happen from the sidelines, you cannot help but smile as the magician effortlessly creates the impossible.

Magicians are more than just their tricks too. All good magicians will be sociable, friendly and funny. Having someone approachable entertain your guests definitely adds to the party atmosphere and makes everyone feel welcome and involved.

Wedding Magician - Weddings in Sussex



4. Versatile & Unobtrusive

The great thing about a magician is that you can place them pretty much anywhere and in any situation and they will still be able to work the room and entertain.

Magicians performing close up magic will mix and mingle between your guests, performing for small groups at a time, without overshadowing or intruding on the feel of your wedding.

Wedding Magician - Weddings in Sussex



5. Magic Creates Memories

Everyone wants their wedding to be remembered. A live magician is not something that people come across every day, so it is definitely something that can leave a lasting impression on your guests.

A magician’s attention to detail and the way they engage guests is a sure-fire way to create memories that can last for years.

Wedding Magician - Weddings in Sussex



Article by Joey Burdon of Warble Entertainment